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World Health Organization / 40 seconds on 40 years

Rare moments are those when the power of innocence annihilates the weight of a wall, its fierce integrity made ridiculous by a tricycle ride.

Still, they happen. And, sometimes, they happen to be recorded.

It was the Spring 2005. The city of Bethlehem was being surrounded by a 9-meter high wall. Concrete blocks were lined up and raised near the edge of Aida refugee camp. A passage on Hebron road remained open, for the moment, while the new Terminal was being completed, a few hundred meters further inside the occupied Palestinian territory than the old Checkpoint 300. I went out to take pictures of the wall. For once, I had a video camera with me. I reached a spot which would later become the center of a roundabout for buses to turn around and go back to Jerusalem, since the there is no way forward. I set the camera on a tripod, and I started to record a still picture in motion. Nothing but the wall. Idle and impenetrable. Some people passed by. A few cars. And, all of a sudden, a tricycle.


In 2007 this clip won the contest “40 seconds on 40 years of violence in the occupied Palestinian territory” organized by the Jerusalem office of the World Health Organization. My special thanks to Minerva Hisnat, who helped me with the editing at the media centre of Bethlehem University.


World Health Organization


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