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Rawabi is a place a few kilometers north of Bir Zeit, Palestine. Not yet a city. Not anymore a rural valley. As of the fall 2011, it is a construction site where a brand new Palestinian city is being built. Literally from scratch. Indeed, excavators and cranes are not building the latest Israeli settlement, but the first Palestinian city which is the outcome of a comprehensive masterplan. When Rawabi is completed, it is expected to be home of 40,000 people.

Rawabi is a massive project, a daring experiment of civil and social engineering. It is an open challenge which aspires to become a model of successful urban development: economically viable, technologically advanced, culturally vibrant and environmentally sustainable. Will it meet expectations? The future will say. But, for now, this is exactly what Rawabi is about: a vision of the future in a land which struggles to see anything beyond the end of each day.

In 2008 nothing existed but an idea. Zoom Advertising, based in Ramallah, assigned me to survey the land where the city would rise. This is a series of panoramic views of the valley, back then.







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