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Andrea Merli

Éric Faye, Nagasaki

Someone is in my house. Someone has been in my house for months. At night. Eating my food, drinking my orange juice, sleeping in my futon closet. What is going on? It takes a while to Shimura-san, the main charachter of the novel “Nagasaki” by French author Éric Faye, to realise that he is not alone, in his own home. He has not been alone. Neither aware.

Danish publisher Arvids has chosen this image for the cover of the Danish edition of the novel. I took it in 2009, in Japan. It doesn’t matter whether this happened in Nagasaki or elsewhere. That picture, half-showing a woman taking a futon out of a closet in a traditional Japanese bedroom, was just waiting for her story to be written, a year later, by Faye. And then, to be discovered by Arvids. It happened.




A good review of this novel, in Italian, can be found here.

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