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Andrea Merli

Suad Amiry, Murad Murad

A young man takes time for a cigarette on the base of the wall in Qalandiya, between Ramallah and Jerusalem. He looks around at the chaos of the morning traffic, cars and trucks cramming a road which used to connect, which now marks a divide. He is not alone, though he seems to be. Perhaps, in a way he is.

Most likely, his name is not Murad. His story, nevertheless, might be not so different from that of the main character of the novel by Palestinian writer Suad Amiry, Murad Murad. In 2009 this photo was chosen by the Italian publisher “Feltrinelli” for the cover of the Italian edition of the book.




The same photo was used for the English and Arabic editions of the novel, published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation. In the English edition the title was changed into “Nothing to lose but your life”.




In 2011 this image was chosen again by Arvids Publisher for the Danish edition of the novel.

An interview with Suad Amiry about this novel, published on the journal “Jerusalem Quarterly“, can be found here.

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