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Food Aid, cash aid and Perspectives for the Palestinian Agricultural Sector [FAPPAS]

Both engaged in a long-term path of academic cooperation with Palestinian universities and institutions, the University of Pavia and the Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS) are the main promoters of the research and development project “Food Aid, cash aid and Perspectives for the Palestinian Agricultural Sector”, funded by the administration of the Italian region Lombardia and implemented together with Bethlehem University and a qualified network of partners. Bethlehem University, home of the Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) since 2005, also serves as the host of the Centre for Advanced Training and Research in Cooperation and Development, established in partnership with the Italian universities of Pavia and Siena, and the Palestinian Universitites of Bir Zeit and An-Najah.

The project includes three main tracks:

    • research;
    • training;
    • dissemination.

The research track, guided by prof. Marco Missaglia, aims at analysing the flows and impact of food aid in the occupied Palestinian territory, moving from the issues raised in the academic paper “The political economy of food aid in Palestine” published in 2008 by prof. Numan Kanafani and Samia Al-Botmeh. The research team, made of young Italian and Palestinian scholars, is called to collect and elaborate data in order to assess what kind of food aid can be more effective (consumption goods vs production inputs), what is the ideal quantity of food aid needed by the Palestinian population, and what would be the effects of different aid strategies, taking into account different time frameworks. Such assessments will be made by building Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models, which allow measuring how an economic system reacts to changes in policies or other parameters.

The training track is bringing forward a series of higher education opportunities for young Palestinian researchers offered by the University of Pavia and IUSS. In particular, in July 2012 Bethlehem University hosted a Summer school in “Food Aid and Good Governance”, with students and lecturers coming from Palestine and abroad.

The dissemination track aims at giving visibility to the outcomes of the project, both in terms of research findings and training achievements. Public awareness will be raised by inviting all interested parties and stakeholders to attend a final conference in Pavia in the Fall 2012, besides the publication of contents a website.

Project coordination: prof. Gianni Vaggi, University of Pavia.

Project management: Nadia Garbellini and Victoria Abu Zelof, with the support of CDN Network, Bethlehem University, and VIS staff in Palestine.

Photography, web design and content management: YOX Photography.


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