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Scala dei Turchi, Porto Empedocle – Vigàta, 2012.

« Non ho il ralogio, di giorno mi regolo col sole; quand’è scuro, con l’odore della notte: ho una specie di segnatempo naturale, inserito dintra al mio corpo.

Ha detto l’odore della notte?

Sì. A seconda dell’ora, la notte cangia odore. »

Andrea Camilleri, L’odore della notte, 2001.


Sometimes you don’t look for a stage. Sometimes you just get thrown onto it, with your life and everything that comes along with it. And nobody asks. Sometimes that stage is not peaceful, though the scenery is of stunning beauty. But you’d have been happy to enjoy it from your seat in the shadow of an olive tree. Sometimes that stage is a conflict, perhaps the longest conflict in modern history. On a stage like this, the little story of a young Palestinian shepherdess is not so little anymore.

Published in 2008 by Canadian author Anne Laurel Carter, “The shepherd’s grand-daughter” can’t be hastily placed on the shelf for children literature. Now it comes out in its Danish edition, for Arvids.



Beit Sahour, 2012.

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